About Mitchell Y. Slade, MBA, CLC

Coaching Philosophy & Approach

Mitchell is a seasoned personal and organizational coach with a lifelong commitment to aiding and uplifting others. Her devotion to coaching and enabling individuals is rooted in the influence of her parents and the impactful words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., highlighting the significance of effecting change in the lives of others.

In her role as an organizational coach, Mitchell champions a holistic coaching methodology, motivating individuals, and teams to adopt perpetual learning and nurture a cooperative outlook. Recognizing the importance of robust connections and personal development, she acknowledges these as crucial for organizational triumph.

Mitchell’s coaching ideology centers on surpassing surface-level comprehension. She prompts individuals to introspect, uncovering their genuine life purpose and significance. By urging her clients to transcend limitations and explore their potential, Mitchell is confident that substantial personal and professional advancement can be attained.

Aligned with her unwavering commitment to ongoing learning, Mitchell acknowledges continuous education as pivotal for addressing disparities in diverse domains like socioeconomic status, education, employment, health, and organizational spheres. By advocating for sustained learning and progress within organizations, she cultivates a culture of advancement, enabling individuals to surmount obstacles and realize their utmost potential.

Beyond her coaching undertakings, Mitchell is a successful entrepreneur and author. She is an active member of the Generation X Community Association’s board, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting underemployed families and those in need. Through her engagement, she contributes to generating positive change and leaving a meaningful imprint on the lives of individuals and families confronting challenges.

As an organizational coach, Mitchell is resolute in her commitment to empowering organizations to flourish. She does this by empowering individuals, cultivating growth mindsets, and addressing disparities. Her coaching methodology merges her extensive experience, unswerving dedication to service, and belief in the transformative influence of continuous learning.


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